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Wednesday, July 4, 2018,
Choosing a pest control company to sort out your pest issue can be stressful in itself. It needn't be. Just follow our guide and you won't go far wrong

Make sure you are choosing a company based locally – Beware of companies claiming to be local that are in fact merely a call centre based somewhere else in the country. These companies generally take an advance payment over the phone (Usually a very large payment) and then contact a local company to do the work. The local company will than be paid less than a third of the fee you have pre paid.

These companies spend large amounts on advertising on Google and other search sites so they quite often appear at the top of the search results.

Don't be fooled by a local phone number (eg 0121) it is easy to pay for a local number from anywhere in the country.

Don't be fooled with a list of local areas they cover. Their websites are designed to pop up lists of nearby locations based on where you are located

Beware of companies asking for a pre payment over the phone.

Check out the company on the internet and look for a local office address. Reputable companies will not be trying to hide where they are based.

We do not work for call centres as they are grossly overcharging people

Make sure your company is a member of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA)

BPCA membership is a guarantee that you are hiring a professional. All members are qualified, fully insured, regularly audited and if you have any problems the BPCA will be there to help you resolve the issues.

British Pest Control Association is the UK's leading trade association and we at Environmental Pest Control are proud members

There are some local companies operating with no training, qualifications or insurance. If their work goes wrong you are left out of pocket and potentially with dangerous chemicals in your house. You will probably also still have the pest issue you started with. Strangely enough the pest controller cannot then be contacted.

Beware of companies operating from mobile phones numbers only

Mobile numbers are difficult to trace and easy to change. This is why many less reputable traders will use them. This is not always the case but it can be a warning sign that makes you make further enquiries.

Ensure you know how much it is going to cost you

Nobody likes a surprise bill and ensure that when you speak to a pest control company you get a clear understanding of the charges and what that includes. If the company are vague or non-committal then go elsewhere. Make sure that the price includes VAT and covers what you require. When comparing quotes make sure the quotes are like for like. We often provide quotes for example for a rodent issue which includes proofing works to prevent the problem reoccurring. Many companies will charge additional fees for that

Read Testimonials and listen to recommendations

Recommendations from satisfied customers are really important to us as a business and with social media there is no where to hide from people's opinions Research the company involved, look on their twitter and Facebook and see what people are saying. However, don't judge a business on one review good or bad.


No company can guarantee that you will never get another pest problem. What they can guarantee is that when they finish their treatment program you will be pest free and 100% satisfied with the service you have received.

Free Advice

When you contact a pest control company ask for advice about the issue you are having. If you feel that instead of advice you are being given the “hard sell” treatment then maybe you should try elsewhere. Does the person at the end of the phone have any pest knowledge or is it just a call centre?

When customers contact us with concerns we do not try to hard sell our services we provide honest advice which on many occasions is sufficient to set our customers minds at rest. Our staff are all trained and if they can't answer your question they will put you onto somebody that can.Environmental Pest Control

For the West Midlands area call us on 0121 364 7000 or for other areas use the British Pest Control Association Find A Pest Controller Service by clicking here


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