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Wednesday, July 4, 2018,
Experts warn huge RAT invasion imminent if bins strike continues
(Birmingham Mail 25/7/17)

The recent industrial action by binmen in Birmingham has focused attention on the cities rat population.

It is well known that Birmingham already has one of the worst problems in the UK when it come to rodents and the strike is certainly not going to help.

So what can you do to try and prevent rats feasting on your rubbish?

We appreciate that not every has access to a car to take their rubbish to the local tip and even if you have do you really want to put the stinking bags in your family car ?

So here's a few tips

Try to wash out all your recycling cans, bottles, jars etc. The remnants of food inside these discarded items can attracts rats, mice and flies

Try to keep your rubbish inside the bins with the top closed. We know this is difficult when you have three or four weeks worth of rubbish. If possible compact the bags and squeeze out the air to try and fit them inside.

If you cannot fit your bags inside the bin try to double bag them and seal the top with a cable tie or tape. It is the smell that attracts not only rats but cats, dogs and foxes. Quite often its foxes that rip open bags and the rats then move in.

Try to keep the bags off the floor. Again its difficult balancing multiple bags on top of the bin but anything that makes it more difficult for rats has got to be worth trying.

Clear up any spillages quickly. If you do notice your sacks ripped open put on your plastic gloves and re-bag the debris. Not a pleasant task but better than leaving it to rats to clean up your mess.

When your bin finally gets emptied disinfect it and rinse it out. The debris inside is perfect for flies and in warm weather it doesn't take long before its crawling with maggots.

If you have any questions or would like further advice on rat issues please call us on 0121 364 7000


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