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Wednesday, July 4, 2018,
We are noticing an increase in the number of flies around at the moment. The recent spell of warm weather has boosted activity so we thought it would be a good time to talk about fly control in your business premises.

Why Control Flies

If a cockroach walked across your dinner plate you would be disgusted and outraged, quite rightly so. Cockroaches carry a large number of potentially life threatening micro organisms. Now if a fly landed on your plate you would probably swat it away and carry on eating. The truth is the fly carries the same micro organisms and presents the same kind of hazard as the cockroach. E-Coli, Salmonella, Campylobacter and many other diseases are regularly found on flies.

Flies are highly mobile and make no distinction between food prepared for our consumption and any other surface that they land on, walk over, defecate on or eat. Flies have particularly unsavoury habits and therefore represent a high contamination risk to our food.

Premises preparing or serving food have a legal obligation to take every precaution to ensure that food is not contaminated and must show due diligence in ensuring this. Our contact customers receive detailed reports to provide that audit trail to prove diligence. Where required we also provide detailed catch analysis and counts which are required by certain standards eg BRC, M&S suppliers

What can you do

Like most aspects of pest control prevention is better than cure so simple things like moving bins away from doors and windows can be effective. Screening windows and doors can maintain the airflow without allowing flies in. Larger premises can use air curtains to provide a barrier.

To catch the flies that make it insides sometimes simple fly paper can prove effective but we find the most effective method is the use of a suitable electric fly killing unit sited correctly.

How do I choose a Electronic Fly Killer

DO NOT buy a unit from your local cash and carry /poundshop/discount website/Ebay etc – We have seen units advertised from £4.99. These units will either be ineffective, totally useless and possibly dangerous.

Do your research – we only supply, fit and maintain quality units designed specifically for the task. There are plenty of good manufacturers providing units at reasonable costs.

Chose a machine suitable for your environment – Reputable manufacturers publish figures showing the maximum area that the machine is designed to control. They also provide a range of machines for differing conditions for example fully waterproof or intrinsically safe for explosive environments. There are sticky board machines even discrete units made for the front of house environment.

Ensure replacement tubes are readily available. Trying to find a replacement tube for your budget machine can be difficult. Reputable manufacturers provide long term support for their units even after the product has been discontinued.

So I then just fix it to the wall ?

No is the easy answer to that question. The positioning of your unit is crucial to its effectiveness. The unit should not attract flies from the outside into your premises. It should not compete with natural light or be in drafts. Certain units should not be positioned above food preparation area. The height of the unit can also be critical to effective control. Don't waste your money by buying a good machine and placing it in the wrong area.

Fit and forget ?

If only it were that easy. Like most things Electronic Fly Killers require regular maintenance. Cleaning and tube replacement are the two biggest jobs. In terms of cleaning a weekly visual check should alert you to the build up of debris and most good machines are fairly straightforward to clean.

Tube replacement is the biggest issue we find. Most machines we check are sitting there with the purple tube happily glowing away. However when we check the tubes for the actual wavelength of UV light that attracts the flies we find ZERO levels. I cannot stress this enough just because the tube is glowing does not mean it is working to attract flies.

We test our customers tubes using a calibrated device which measures UV light at a wavelength of 350-380 nanometers to ensure that they are working correctly. Most tubes require replacing at least every 12 months. A fly killing unit is of no use if the tubes are not emitting the correct type of UV light.

We supply, fit and service units for many of our customers as part of our preventative pest control contracts. By using a pest specialist you can relax and concentrate on other aspects of your business knowing that your staff and customers are protected.

For further information, advice or for a free survey and quote for your business call us now on 0121 364 7000



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