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Wednesday, July 4, 2018,
Recent local newspaper headlines and social media reports in the West Midlands have highlighted the dangers of ignoring pest control in your business. With rodent activity in our area being rated as the highest in the UK it is perhaps not surprising that Environmental Health are finding increasing number of infestations in local businesses resulting in closure notices being served.

Court appearances and fines amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds will damage any business but the adverse publicity can easily finish off an otherwise thriving concern.

That's lots of pounds! Poundland is fined £134,000 after rodent­ gnawed chocolate Santas and grease stains lefts by mice appeared in two stores

Gnawed food, droppings and grease stains posed an ‘imminent' risk to health Employees complained of ‘disgusting' conditions in the Birmingham storeroom

Judge, who shopped at both stores, also ordered Poundland to pay £18k costs

The adage of “prevention being better than cure” is never more true than when applied to pest control. With a little thought and regular checks there is no reason that your business should be placed at risks by pests.

The days of placing a few “rat boxes” around a property are long gone and many old practices are now actually illegal. Tighter controls on the purchasing of the most effective rodenticides have restricted its use to qualified professionals.

Like most industries Pest Control is having to work smarter to meet stringent environmental guidelines. We now utilise computer monitored rodent detection systems, remote motion activated cameras and ultra violet tracking dust amongst other things.

So what can you do as a business to protect your infrastructure and reputation ?

Have a good look around the perimeter of your building. Check for gaps and holes. A mouse will fit through a gap that you can fit a pencil through! A rat needs a gap a little bigger but not much. Vulnerable areas are where pipes and cables enter through walls and broken airbricks.

Remove cover alongside your building. This not only includes overgrown bushes and shrubs but anything leaning against the wall. Old pieces of wood & metal, tyres and sheeting materials are often placed out of the way. They provide cover for rodents which may then try to make there way into your premises. Remember that rodents are great climbers so check for overhanging branches and shrubs allowing access to the roof of your building.

If your premises is within a bigger building you may feel safe from rodents but do not be complacent. From our experience most city centre buildings have rodent issues as they can easily utilise cavity walls, floors, basements and ceilings to move with ease through multiple buildings. In these cases the challenge is to try to arrange cover for the entire building which is usually difficult due to multiple landlords, tenants and owners or protect your premises against the constant attention of rodents.

Internally no foodstuffs should be left unprotected. This applies equally to non food retailers as we often find that staff members will leave out packets of biscuits, chocolate bars etc. Rodents will find these foods and help themselves.

Mice will find your secret chocolate stash however well you hide it.

Food premises are at even greater risk and storage should be considered very carefully. No food should be stored directly on the floor and unopened packets should be secured properly. Spills should be cleaned immediately. Gaps under doors should be protected with bristle strips or rubber seals

All waste should be securely bagged and removed from the premises and placed in a suitable bin with a tight fitting lid.

Regular inspections – Your early warning system.

Regular inspections should check for possible access points, droppings, smear marks (greasy marks which indicate the frequent passage of rodents) chewed materials and any other sign of rodent habitation.

Don't forget the cabling.

Data cabling has massively increased and along with electrical mains cabling and plastic plumbing they are at risk from the persistent gnawing of rodents. They are also used a rodent highways allowing unhindered access around buildings. This places your business at risk from fire, water damage or computer network failure. False fire and intruder alarm activations can also be disruptive to a business and are often the first indicator of a rodent issue

Why DIY when you can have the professional do it for you?

A pest control contract will provide the reassurance that you require to continue with your business safe in the knowledge that you will not be on the front page of the local newspaper for the wrong reasons. Pest control is a very affordable safety system that you should seriously consider.

For a free quote contact your local experts at Environmental Pest Control as a member of the British Pest Control Association and the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce and with over 30yrs of experience you can trust us to keep you safe. We provide a flexible, friendly personal alternative to bigger multinational companies and at a far better cost. What have you to lose? Call us now on 0121 364 700 www.e-pestcontrol.co.uk


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